In Action
3-high and 2-wide RTG for high density order picking [Godefroy, France]
Bunded area with dual 2-high container lanes [Coogee Chemicals, Australia]
2-high trucking operation with 60 tanks/day [Klein, France]
Entering containment area via a ramp [Coogee Chemicals, Australia]

Lowering civil costs

Bunding and pavements are major costs for tank farms that can be significantly reduced with the use of straddles and rubber tyred gantries.

Isoloader's range of small rubber tyred gantries (RTGs) and straddles up to 3-high offer the exceptional balance of storage density, order picking and reduced civil costs required for tank farm operations where bunding and costly containment measures are a necessity.

Order picking - tank farms typically handle a variety of chemicals. Straddles can be up to 5 times faster than a forklift when retrieving a specific container from storage.

High density - RTGs and to a lesser extent straddle carriers, both offer superior storage densities compared to forklifts and reachstackers where order picking is a requirement.

Reduced pavement costs - with low wheel loadings that are a quarter of forklifts and reachstackers, Isoloader's straddles and RTGs do not require special pavements, significantly reducing your civil engineering costs.

Reduced pavement damage - there is less damage to pavements with straddles and RTGs from tyres or from the impact of the load during placement.

Optimal layout and bunding - superior storage densities mean superior layouts and reduced bunding costs. Straddles and RTGs can be made to straddle the bunded area if required.

Balancing storage densities, cycle times and pavement costs.
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