In Action
Add-on spreader with grab-arms for handling swapbodies [Dartline, UK]
Retractable grab-arms fold away when handling containers [Godefroys, France]
Telescoping spreader for 6m and 12m containers [Mackenzie International, Australia]
Telescoping 6m/12m spreader in a trucking terminal [K&S, Australia]
Fixed spreader for handling 12m containers [Toyota, Australia]
Fixed spreader for handling 6m tanks [Coogee Chemicals, Australia]
Bottom lift with manually attached chains [K&S, Australia]
Lifting 6m and 12m containers with chains [K&S, Australia]
Automatic grabs for handling 50t pre-cast concrete [Stecon, Thailand]
Spreader beam with manually attached chains [JT Metro, Dubai]
Grab arms for lifting 28t of ingot bundles as a single load [Australia, Africa]
Grab arms for handling aluminium slabs [Strang, South Africa]
Bottom lift for automatic handling of anodes [Konkola, Zambia]
Exchanging spreaders to handle different loads [Versatile, South Africa]
Add-on spreaders are fast to swap in and out [CRT, Australia]