In Action
Add-on spreader with grab-arms for handling swapbodies [Dartline, UK]
Retractable grab-arms fold away when handling containers [Godefroys, France]
Telescoping spreader for 6m and 12m containers [Mackenzie International, Australia]
Telescoping 6m/12m spreader in a trucking terminal [K&S, Australia]
Fixed spreader for handling 12m containers [Toyota, Australia]
Fixed spreader for handling 6m tanks [Coogee Chemicals, Australia]
Bottom lift with manually attached chains [K&S, Australia]
Lifting 6m and 12m containers with chains [K&S, Australia]
Automatic grabs for handling 50t pre-cast concrete [Stecon, Thailand]
Spreader beam with manually attached chains [JT Metro, Dubai]
Grab arms for lifting 28t of ingot bundles as a single load [Australia, Africa]
Grab arms for handling aluminium slabs [Strang, South Africa]
Bottom lift for automatic handling of anodes [Konkola, Zambia]
Exchanging spreaders to handle different loads [Versatile, South Africa]
Add-on spreaders are fast to swap in and out [CRT, Australia]

Spreaders and Grabs

Cycle times, stacking height, and the mix of loads to be handled, all determine the optimal choice of spreader for a given application.

Isoloader offers a range of automatic, manual, adjustable and custom spreaders for handling different containers and loads. We have extensive experience in developing custom spreaders that can be engineered to your specialized requirements.

Automatic spreaders - top-lift spreaders with twistlocks that automatically lock on to the pockets at the top of standard ISO containers and tanks.

Manual spreaders with chains - bottom-lift spreaders using chains that are manually attached to the pockets at the bottom of standard ISO containers and tanks. Interchangeable chain sets are used to handle containers of different lengths. They have significantly slower cycle times than automatic top-lift spreaders and are not suitable for operations stacking 2 or more high.

Grab-arms - mounted on top-lift spreaders to handle bottom-lift loads including swapbodies and flatracks. The grab-arms are automatically retracted when not in use.

Custom and grab spreaders - a wide range of custom spreaders for handling specialized industrial loads, either manually using chains or automatically using a type of grab. May carry out specialized manipulations such as an ingot bundle grab spreader that squeezes the bundles together.

Adjustable spreaders - spreaders that can be adjusted to handle different containers and loads; including telescoping spreaders that adjust to the length of the load, and retractable grab-arms to switch between bottom-lift and top-lift loads.

Exchange and add-on spreaders - multiple spreaders can be interchanged by the operator in under 5 minutes for applications where a single adjustable spreader does not suffice.

3rd party spreaders - Isoloader can supply and fit spreaders from 3rd parties including magnetic grab systems and spreaders from manufacturers such as Elme.

Attaching to containers, flatracks, swapbodies and industrial loads.
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