In Action
Inverting 50 tonne pre-cast concrete rail segments [Prefarail, Belgium]
Spinning containers at an intermodal terminal [QR, Australia]
Tipping containers for dumping and filling bulk materials [Iran & Canada]
Squeezing multiple ingot bundles into superpacks [Australia & South Africa]

Add-on Operations

Straddling the load facilitates a wide range of manipulations including rotating, inverting, tipping and squeezing.

Isoloaderís range of straddle carriers and rubber tyred gantries (RTG) can be leveraged to not only lift and transport containers and heavy loads, but also to grab and manipulate them.

Inverting - heavy loads such as 50 tonne pre-cast concrete rail segments at Prefarailís Belgian production facility, can be rotated about the longitudinal axis, turning the load upside down.

Tipping - containers can be tipped up to 50 degrees using either straddle carriers or RTGs for dumping and filling bulk materials. At RCMís Canadian containerized waste management and composting facility, a straddle is used to do both, placing the containers on to angled racks for filling, dumping the material out onto the floor in the curing shed, as well as transporting and stacking the containers 2 high.

Spinning - rubber tyred gantries have the span to rotate the load about the vertical axis, as required in intermodal terminals prior to loading the containers on to trucks.

Precise positioning - positive displacement hydrostatic drives with negligible backlash and independent side-shift or cross-travel drives, allow the precise positioning of the load including angular trim in both the horizontal and vertical.

Custom grab and squeeze - for loads that cannot be lifted with conventional lift-pockets or lift points, Isoloader has a range of grab arms that can reach and lift the load from a bottom lip, such as when handling swap bodies. Lateral pressure can be used to squeeze and align the load, as required when handling multiple bundles of ingots as a single load.

Leverage your investment with integrated load handling and manipulation solutions.
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