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In Action
24 Ingot bundles weighing 28t are handled as a single load
Loads are arranged in rows for high density storage [RTZ, Australia]
2-high straddles provide stacking and/or order picking [RTZ, Australia]
Both slabs and ingots using exchange spreaders [Strang, South Africa]
Containers and ingots using exchange spreaders [Versatile, South Africa]

28t of ingots per load

Spreaders with grab arms that squeeze in from the side can handle multiple ingot bundles without the need for additional strapping.

Since 1983, Isoloader has leveraged its proven experience in container and heavy load handling solutions to manufacture Ingot Carriers (IC) that simplify the logistics of getting ingots from the smelter and on to the ship. Based on Isoloader's Transporter series of High Performance Straddles, the Ingot Carrier is designed for the continuous usage expected in port conditions.

Reduced strapping - at a minimum, 24 individually strapped ingot bundles are handled as a single load arranged 2 bundles high by 2 bundles wide by 6 bundles long. Strapping the bundles into superpacks is not required. The bundles are lifted from the bottom and not from their straps, reducing wear and tear on the strapping.

Improved ship loading - the Ingot Carrier places the ingots on the wharf directly under the ship-to-shore cranes. This decouples the delivery of the ingots to the ship from their loading, as the straddle does not have to wait on the crane but can continue with other operations. In contrast, ingots on trailers must queue and wait their turn at the crane, causing congestion and tying up equipment.

Transportation at high speed - with speeds of up to 35km/h, the Ingot Carrier can be used to transport ingots between the smelter and the port or rail terminal, eliminating the need for additional equipment and the additional truck loading and unloading operations. The operator has the flexibility to easily redeploy the straddles from the smelter to the port when a ship requires loading.

Handling multiple products - using exchange spreaders, the driver can quickly switch between handling different types of products, including ingot and billet bundles, coils, plates and slabs. Any standard ISO container can be handled including flat-racks, and product can be loaded (or unloaded) into open-top containers.

Straddle carrier design - based on Isoloader’s proven Transporter straddle carrier, the Ingot Carrier offers all the advantages of straddles over forklifts and reach-stackers, including low fuel and maintenance costs, low pavement (construction and maintenance) costs, and high storage density with order picking.

Handling and transporting ingot bundles at both the smelter and the port.
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