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RTG stacking 5-wide and 4-high [CRT, Australia]

Flexible and extensible surge capacity

Containers provide cost effective, reconfigurable surge capacity for storing bulk materials that can be easily grown and integrates with your supply or distribution strategy.

CRT used a single high-availability rubber tyred gantry (RTG) to maximize the capacity and performance of the storage yard at their Australian bulk plastics facility. Stacked 5-wide and 4-high, containers were a cost effective replacement for silos providing flexibility and scalability.

High density and fast access - RTGs, and to a lesser extent straddle carriers, can provide ultra-dense storage capacities combined with an excellent ability to order pick (retrieve any given container quickly with a minimal number of lifts), that is significantly better than forklifts and reach-stackers. CRT stored 30,000 tonnes (1000+ containers) in a 9,000 m2 footprint with an average of 2.5 lifts to access any container.

Flexible and configurable surge capacity - capacity can be easily scaled up and down along with demand. Storage can be configured flexibly in 30t units.

Environmentally friendly with low operating costs - electric hydrostatic drives are powered by clean sources of energy where available or by efficient onboard diesel electric generators. Overall energy efficiency is as little as 25% of a forklift or reach-stacker with correspondingly lower maintenance costs.

Integration - straddles and RTGs can be leveraged throughout your operation, managing surge capacity, handling supply and distribution logistics by rail and road, and tipping containers for filling and dumping.

High density storage of bulk materials using containers with straddles and RTGs.
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