In Action
Tandem straddles handling 30m concrete bridge segments [Wagner, Australia]
Tandem straddles with sideways transfer mode [Wagner, Australia]
Tandem single beam RTGs handling 28m wind towers [Keppel, Australia]

Extra long loads

Loads over 20m in length can be handled by two machines working in tandem, using either synchronized or independent controls.

Isoloader’s straddle carriers and rubber tyred gantries (RTG) can be configured to work in tandem. Dual machines can be used to handle long structures such as pre-cast concrete segments used for bridges, or for pylons and towers. The maximum length is limited by the rigidity of the structure to be handled.

Synchronized control - the machines can be controlled independently or they can be linked for control by a single operator.

Wireless controls - optional wireless controls give the operator the freedom of to move about the machines.

Steering modes - optional steering modes such as lateral crab are supported for tandem operations.

Dual machines working in tandem.
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