Isoloader straddle carriers provide the high speeds and low clearances required to navigate the pipe bridges and long distances found in chemical plants.
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High-speed Transporter for long distances [Orica, Australia]
Navigating low-clearance pipe bridges around the plant [Orica, Australia]
Telescoping masts provide 2-high stacking plus low height clearance [Orica, Australia]
3-high Transporter [Coogee Chemicals, Australia]
2-high Econolifter [APC, Australia]
Truck loading at a fixed location with an EZLift [Cement Australia]

High speeds and low clearances

Isoloader's straddles provide the high speeds and low clearances required to navigate the pipe bridges and long distances found in chemical plants.

Each of Isoloader straddles ranging in speed and performance up to 35km/h can be optioned for the low height clearances and steering maneuverability required to navigate the tight confines and low height clearances found in chemical plants.

Low height clearances - in facilities with low pipe-bridges and doorways, Isoloader's range of low-height straddle carriers combine low height clearances with up to 3-high container stacking. Clearances can be as low as 3m for a standard container.

Maneuverable - multiple steering modes including 2-wheel and 4-wheel steer, rotation and lateral crab allow loads to be placed where you need them.

Uses existing roads - unlike a forklift or reach-stacker, straddles can transport a 40' container along a standard width single-lane roadway. With an evenly distributed load and low wheel loadings, straddles do not require special pavements, will not damage your roads and can operate on good quality hardstand. Options for rougher terrain and grades above 5% are available.

High speeds for long distances - with speeds of up to 35km/h, Isoloader's straddles can handle the long distances found in large facilities, reducing cycle times and your Total Cost per Container Handled. High speed straddles are a cost-effective and faster alternative to conventional truck transports including side-loaders, reducing equipment requirements and additional truck loading and unloading operations.

Tipping - straddles can be used to tip containers at angles up to 50 degrees for dumping and filling bulk materials.

Multiple requirements - straddles can be leveraged for load handling around the facility, including handling tanks, flatracks of pipes, industrial loads such as compressors and power-packs, as well as standard container and intermodal operations.

Transporting containers with bulk materials around chemical plants.
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