Facing Challenges

The introduction of shipping containers revolutionized the 20th century by slashing the cost of ocean-going trade between countries. At Isoloader we have always believed in and championed a second revolution, one that has been changing how goods flow within countries, for domestic trade and for traffic between the ports and their hinterlands. The containerization of domestic traffic is a major competitive force in a shrinking world, helping countries to face the economic, social, environmental and regulatory challenges of the 21st century.

Spreading cost effective container (and load) handling infrastructure throughout a country will radically reduce the cost of doing business, will radically reduce a product’s carbon footprint, and will radically improve the quality of life by reducing congestion on the roads, increasing access to goods and reducing the transport risks associated with dangerous goods.

High handling costs have inhibited the spread of containers for domestic traffic where the volumes are lower – but this is changing and Isoloader is proud to be a leader. We provide innovative container handling solutions and custom equipment throughout the world that are reducing handling costs and making containerization viable at ever lower volumes.

Affordable, engineered load handling solutions that are efficient, effective and maneuverable.
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